Who We Are

Ken McGowan is a chemist by training.  He received both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees during the initial downturn in heavy industry in the U.S.  Ken realized that industry needed new and advanced materials technologies in order to remain competitive and grow. As a result, he spent a significant amount of his career developing unique and innovative technology solutions for a variety of specific applications.  He has consulted for many of today's largest industrial firms.  Dr. McGowan founded WAM in an effort to provide cost effective, problem-solving, and long-term materials solutions to promote industry advancement.  This is in contrast to the traditional refractory industry approach of providing short-sighted, short-termed, commodity solutions.

Bob Cullen manages the Technology Group for Westmoreland Advanced Materials®.  Bob, a founder of WAM, holds a degree in Ceramic Engineering and has received a M.S. in Material Science.  Over his career, Bob has consulted for both refractory manufacturers and users around the country.  Bob has significant knowledge in both shaped and unshaped refractory systems.  He has developed castable systems, forms of which are utilized by every major refractory supplier today.  Bob provides technological advances for WAM, which encompass formulation and placement, as well as raw material synthesis and development.  

Bill Bates is Director of Sales and Marketing at Westmoreland Advanced Materials®, and has over 30 years of experience in the refractory Industry.  Bill has held several high level positions in the refractory industry spanning manufacturing to installation.  Not only does he possess business acumen, his significant experience in operations, allows him to personally connect with the issues driving plant managers and floor supervisors.  Bill is currently utilizing his demonstrated experience in growth and expansion strategies here at WAM.

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