WAM® AL II G; Gun Mix

WAM® AL II G is a gun mix version of the WAM® AL II castable. It maintains all the advantages of the castable system, including the microporosity, in a gun mix version. This means the material is non-wetted and unreactive with molten aluminum.


Typical application areas are larger installations where time is of the essence. WAM® AL II G exhibits outstanding gunning characteristics, inherently low rebound, and can be used to repair original WAM® AL II  cast installations after several years of use.

Because of the non wetting and non reactive nature of the castable, there is little cleaning of the old surface required. However, it is recommended that the old surface be roughed up so as to create ’holds’ for the new gunned material.


WAM® AL II G  has been installed in several furnace walls from the upper to lower sidewall areas. It can also be shot overhead to repair any cracks in the roof which may form over time.

Typical Technical Data
WAM® AL II G                                                                                         
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Classification:Gun Mix
Placement Method:Dry Gunning
Available Application Packages:This product is specifically designed for aluminum contact application
Typical Water Requirement (%wt):0-5
Material Required for Estimating (lb/ft3):121
Maximum Recommended Service Temperature (°F):2600


Calculated wt.% Based on Common Oxides
Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3):64.9 %750°F5.3
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2):0.3 %1470°F4.8
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2):0.1 %2200°F5.3
Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3):0.1 %  
Calcium Oxide (CaO):24.3 %  
Magnesium Oxide (MgO):0.2 %  
Combined Alkali Oxide (Na2O + K2O):0.2 %  
Other:10.0 %  


Modulus of
Rupture (psi)
Cold Crushing
Strength (psi)
Linear Change (%)
After 23013813208990n/a
After 15001215603870-0.1

Additional technical data may be available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
Data on this table represent typical properties and cannot be used for specification purposes.