WAM® 75 SiC LC – Silicon Carbide Based Low Cement Castable

WAM® 75 SiC LC is a low cement castable product containing silicon carbide in the matrix and as coarser aggregate. This product contain a significant amount of silicon carbide in various size fractions. As a result, this product provides superior abrasion resistance. However, due to the amount of silicon carbide, which has a high thermal conductivity, the product is less efficient as a thermal barrier. This product is an economical choice to WAM® 80 SiC LC. This product is designed to resist abrasion and impact as a result of larger loading (weight and volume).


Silicon carbide will oxidize to form SiO2 at temperatures above 2500oF in the presence of oxygen. This will initially only occur on the surface to near surface but as the product wears the oxidation will continue. Oxidation is not beneficial for abrasion resistance as the SiC is the mineral component which provides this characteristic. As a result of the large amount of silicon carbide comprising the product its primary areas of use are in reducing or non-oxidizing environments.


WAM® 75 SiC LC finds application in several areas as a heavy duty abrasion and impact resistance material. This includes a variety of rotary or feed application areas where a solid material is moving across or impacting the face of the refractory material at temperatures below 2500oF or under non-oxidative conditions. Examples are saggers (in reducing environments), rotary kilns, hearths, troughs, cyclones, fluidized beds, and ducts.

Typical Technical Data
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Classification:Low Cement Castable
Placement Method:Vibration Casting, Pumping / Shotcreteing
Available Application Packages:AL - Aluminum Penetration Resistant
C - Coarse Aggregate
F - Fine Aggregate
Typical Water Requirement (%wt):5
Material Required for Estimating (lb/ft3):161
Maximum Recommended Service Temperature (°F):2500/3300*
* oxidizing atmosphere / reducing atmosphere

Calculated wt.% Based on Common Oxides

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3):10.1 %
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2):14.3 %
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2):<0.1 %
Iron(III) Oxide (Fe2O3):0.4 %
Calcium Oxide (CaO):2.2 %
Magnesium Oxide (MgO):0.1 %
Combined Alkali Oxide (Na2O + K2O):0.2 %
Silicon Carbide:72.0 %


Modulus of
Rupture (psi)
Cold Crushing
Strength (psi)
Linear Change (%)
After 230162216019,950n/a
After 1500161190014,100-0.3
After 2500 (in air)n/an/an/a+0.3

Additional technical data may be available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
Data on this table represent typical properties and cannot be used for specification purposes.