Product Classifications/Nomenclature



AL II Technology

A very unique system specifically designed for molten aluminum contact applications. Product types available are a medium and high density castable. A gun mix, precast shapes and pressed brick are also available. Example: WAM AL II HD.


Conventional (Standard) Cement Castables (SC) 

Alumina based cement bonded. Standard alumina content is 45,60 and 95%. Example: WAM® 45 SC.


Low Cement Castables (LC)

Alumina based and bonded with a low level of cement . Standard alumina contents of 50, 60, 70, 80, 93 and   98%.  Example: WAM 93 LC.

Silicon Carbide Based (SiC). Standard SiC contents of 10, 15, 30, 60, 75, and 80%. Example WAM 30 SiC LC.

Spinel Based  (SP). Standard spinel content of 20%. Example: WAM 20 SP LC.

Silica Based (VS). Standard silica content of 80%. Example: WAM 80 VS LC.


Ultra Low Cement Castables (ULC)

Alumina based and bonded with a minimal amount of cement to improve high temperature performance.  Standard alumina contents of 60, 70, 80, 90, 99%. Example: WAM 99 ULC.


No Cement Castables (NC)

Alumina based and bonded with a cement free binder improving performance in acidic environments. Standard alumina contents of 65, 90 and 95%. Example WAM 90 NC.

Silica Based with a standard silica content of 99%. Example WAM 99 VS NC.


Construction Grade Castables (CG)

Alumina based low cement bonded price competitive castable. Standard alumina contents of 50, 60, 70 and 80%. Example: WAM 50 CG.


Enhanced Matrix Castables (EMT)

Alumina based cement bonded similar to Standard Cement Castables but designed to reduce water demand       which improves workability and physical properties. Standard alumina content is 50, 60, 70, 80 and 95%.  Example: WAM®  70 EMT.


Lightweight Castables (LW)

There are two classifications of these products; a standard product and a low conductivity product (LK). Both provide insulation but the LK versions more so. Available densities of the standard product are 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 PCF. A bubble alumina version is available in 90 PCF. There are gun versions as well. LK versions are available at densities of  25, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 PCF. Example: WAM 80-27 LW.


Gunning Mix Technology (G or RG)

These are non-lightweight alumina based compositions. The two versions of these products are a premium grade and a cost competitive Construction Grade (CG). Mixes base on a standard level of cement binder and a reduced level of cement binder are available. Premium Grade alumina contents available are 50, 60, 70, 80 and 95%. Construction Grade alumina contents available are 45, 50, 60, and 70%. Examples WAM 70 RG or  WAM 45 CG G.


Dry Mortars (M)

Alumina based dry mortars which are air set (AS) or heat set (HS). Air set mortars are available in alumina concentration ranges of 47, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90%. Heat set mortars are available in alumina concentration ranges of 55, 65, 75, and 85%. In addition a heat set silicon carbide based mortar containing 75% SiC is available.   Examples: WAM 50 AS M or WAM 75 HS M or WAM SiC 75 HS M.


WFS Technology

Alumina based slurry mixes designed to be used with castable systmems employing  very high percentages of stainless steel wire fiber. Available alumina concentrations are 60, 90 and 97%. Example: WAM 60 WFS.


BLG Technology System

A unique system specifically designed for high alkaline environments such as contact with black liquor from the paper and pulp industry. These are only available and engineered precast shapes.



AL  -  Aluminum Penetration Resistance Package

AR  -  Alkali Resistance Package

AS  -  Air Set Bonding Matrix

C  -  Coarse Aggregate System

CG  -  Construction Grade Technology

DV  -  Dry Vibratable Technology

EMT  -  Enhanced Bonding Matrix Technology

F  -  Fine Aggregate System

G  -  Standard Cement Level Gunning Mix

HD  -  High Density Material

HTC  -  High Temperature Cover Mix

HS  -  Heat Set Bonding Matrix

LC  -  Low Cement Level Bonding Matrix

LK  -  Low Thermal Conductivity Technology

LW  -  Lightweight Technology

*For the Lightweights the first number is the density in pounds per cubic foot and the second number is the temperature rating (x100°F)

M  -  Mortar Technology

MD  -  Medium Density Material

NB  -  Non-Bauxite Containing Material

NES  -  Sulfur Free Matrix

NC  -  Cement Free Bonding Matrix

Patch  -  Patching Mix Technology

RG  -  Reduced Cement Level Gunning Mix

SC  -  Standard Cement Level Bonding Matrix

SiC  -  Silicon Carbide Based Material

TSR  -  Thermal Shock Resistance Package

ULC  -  Ultra Low Cement Level Bonding Matrix

VS  -  Vitrous Silica Based Material



Standard Cement Castables

Alumina BasedAL45,60,95CSC

Low Cement Castables

Alumina BasedAL50,60,70,80,93,98C,AR,F,TSRLC
Silicon Carbide Based 10,15,30,60,75,80FSiC LC
Spinel Based 20C,FSP LC
Silica Based 80 VS LC

Ultra Low Cement Castables

Alumina BasedAL60,70,80,90,99C,AR,F,TSRULC

Construction Grade Castables

Alumina BasedNB,AL,NB/AL50,60,70,80*
*not available in NB version

Cement Free Castables

Alumina BasedAL65,90,95F,TSRNC
Silica Based 99FVS NC

EMT Castable System (Enhanced Matrix Technology)

Alumina BasedAL50,60,70,80,95C,AR,F,TSREMT

AL II Technology System

Medium Density CastablesAL II F,NES 
High Density CastablesAL II F,NESHD
Coating MixesAL II NESHTC
Gunning MixesAL II NESG
Dry VibratablesAL II  DV
Pressed ShapesAL II NES(Dimensions)

BLG Technology System

Engineered Precast ShapesBLG   
MortarsBLG  M

Lightweight Castables

Standard ProductsAL40-20,50-22,60-24,70-26GLW
Low Conductivity ProductsLK25-14,35-16,40-18,50-20 LW
 LK60-22,70-23,80-24,90-25 LW

Gunning Mix Technology

Premium Grade

Standard CementAL50,60,70,80,95TSRG
Reduced CementAL50,60,70,80TSRRG

Construction Grade

Standard CementAL45,50,60,70TSRCG G
Reduced CementAL50,60,70TSRCG RG

WFS Technology

Alumina BasedAL60,90,97 WFS

Dry Mortars

Air Set

Alumina Based 47,50,60,70,80,90 AS M

Heat Set

Alumina Based 55,65,75,85 HS M
Silicon CarbideSiC75 HS M


  • You desire a 60% alumina low cement castable that is thermal shock resistant: WAM 60 TSR LC

  • You desire AL II Gun Mix: WAM AL II G

  • You desire an aluminum penetration resistant 60% alumina, reduced cement gun mix: WAM AL 60 RG

  • You desire a 50 pcf density lightweight castable: WAM 50-22 LW

  • You desire a 2700°F capable lightweight gun mix: WAM 80-27 G LW

  • You desire a 90% alumina slurry mix: WAM 90 WFS

  • You desire a 50% alumina, construction grade castable, with no bauxite: WAM NB 50 CG