Custom Solutions

If you are an end user of refractories and related technology and you need some help Give Us A Call.

There is an excellent chance that we can not only solve your problem but reduce your refractory costs and your cost to produce your product.



Westmoreland Advanced Materials® provides a multitude of precast shape services from shapes a small as 1 lb. to as large as 18,000 lb. We have temperature and humidity controlled casting areas as well as high temperature firing capability to 3000oF. We utilize a variety of casting techniques including slips for high wire content shapes; standard vibration casting; and high purity, binder-free, low-water vibecasting for intricate cast shapes.  The latter is a technique which does not utilize cement and provides complex shapes with very high densities and strengths (note: high temperature firing is required for these products).



Do you see a product that you would like to have in your bag? We provide toll manufacturing services for all of our products except the WAM® AL II, WFS, and BLG Technologies.  If you have a specific need we can work with you to develop a technology to solve your specific issue.  We will also manufacture your mix if you would prefer. We have a reputation as being a high quality provider of products. Our quality can be in your bag for your customers. If this interests you please feel free to contact us for additional details.



We have been involved in high-temperature industries for a long time.  The founders of the company hail from the technology side of these industries and have spent many years developing innovations and products to address and solve industry related issues.  In addition to technology development we have unsurpassed knowledge of the interactions between materials and process streams.  Our ability to understand these processes is why our products perform at such a high level.  If you are having issues, need problems solved, or are looking to develop new processes; let us apply that knowledge and help you achieve your goals.