Here's What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say:

Southeast Auto Die Caster

"On another note, we had some corundum formations form in our launders in the last month that got rather large.  And, once again your material performed as advertised, the corundum popped right off and we had no damage to the hot face.  If everyone knew what we knew I can't imagine them using anything else."

Northeast Aluminum Casting, Machining, and Finishing Manufacturer.

"The WAM AL II castable installed in the holding well is performing extremely well as it does in the other holding wells.  As far as the energy cost savings, after installation of the WAM castable, we have seen a reduction in [energy] cost of roughly 30%.  Since installing the WAM AL II our maintenance costs have been reduced by approximately 45% as we do not have to clean nearly as often. When we do, the corundum comes off very easy."

Southeast Auto Die Caster

"After a period of evaluation, we have determined that WAM AL II refractory technology provides us the opportunity to operate our aluminum furnaces and related equipment with increased energy efficiency, and to maintain them more cost effectively.  Use of WAM AL II helps us control the overall cost of furnace operation and has become a standard specified material for our furnaces.

We have been able to discuss this success with our peers at sister plants operating aluminum furnaces, and the use of WAM AL II and related materials is increasing within our organization.

Westmoreland Advanced Materials has our support in their efforts to improve the technology and make the manufacturing process more efficient."

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