Ultra Low Cement Castables (ULC)

Ultra Low Cement Castables produced by Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC are premium products based on the latest surfactant and bonding matrix technology. They are designed to flow exceedingly well at very low moisture contents making them ideal to pump and shotcrete in addition to vibration cast. This group of castables is represented by a broad range of products with service temperatures up to 3400oF in a variety of service environments.


Ultra low cement containing products provide superior high temperature properties including higher hot strengths compared to standard and low cement castable systems. This is a result of less CaO being present in the matrix. These products also tend to be less reactive with a variety of melts and slags at elevated temperatures. However, this is a generality and specific refractory/slag interaction should be examined in advance of choosing any product.


These castables are available with an aluminum penetration resistance package for use in contact with molten aluminum metal and are designated with the AL prefix. Compositions utilizing a coarse aggregate are very resistant to impact and abrasion and are designated with a C postscript. A Fine version, designated with the letter F, is available for use in making highly detailed cast shapes.  Packages are also available for thermal shock and alkali resistance.

Available Variations for Specific Product Applications:

 WAM® 60 ULC    WAM® 70 ULC    WAM® 80 ULC    WAM® 90 ULC    WAM® 99 ULC