Standard Cement Castables (SC)

Standard  castables produced by Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC contain a level of refractory cement which is higher, relative to the other castable systems we offer. This level of cement, or bonding matrix, makes these products very forgiving as far as handling, water demand range and ambient temperature. These products are easy to mix, handle and install and are excellent choices as general purpose compositions for service conditions up to 3200oF.


These products are also available with a very coarse aggregate. Compositions utilizing the coarse aggregate are very resistant to impact an abrasion and are successfully employed in floors, jambs and lip rings, to name a few applications. All standard castables compositions produced by Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC are designated with a SC postscript.


Available Variations for Specific Product Applications:

WAM® 45 SC   WAM® 60 SC   WAM® 95 SC