No Cement Castables (NC)

No cement castable systems are a special class of products which find use in applications where the presence of CaO (contained in cement) is detrimental to the process or is susceptible to chemical attack.  They are designed to flow exceedingly well at low moisture contents making them ideal to pump and shotcrete in addition to vibration cast. This group of castables is represented by a broad range of products with service temperatures up to 3300oF.


A typical application area would be in seal pots, or similar vessels where the combination of relatively high concentrations of Sulfur or Chlorine in combination with water produce sulfuric or hydrochloric acid which attacks CaO. These processes my occur on the cold end of the refractory lining where condensation occurs.


Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC., offers a Fine version for use in making highly detailed cast shapes. These products are designated with an F postscript. Also offered are Thermal Shock Resistant packages for use in applications such as burner block or other thermally cycling environments. These products are designated with a TSR postscript. In addition to the alumina based products there are silica based products designated with the AS prescript.

Available Alumina Based Variations:

 WAM® 65 NC    WAM® 90 NC    WAM® 95 NC


Available Silica Based Variations:

 WAM® 99 VS NC