Gunning Mix Technologies (G, RG)

Gunning Mixes produced by Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC., are premium products based on the latest surfactant and bonding matrix technology. In addition all WAM®  Gunning Mixes are based on a proprietary technology which greatly reduces the amount of rebounds. This keeps the coarsest aggregates in the applied material where it belongs and that helps improve the performance and lifetime of the material in service. This group of gun mixes is represented by a broad range of products with service temperatures up to 3300oF in a variety of service environments.


The premium gun mixes are available in two families; the standard cement containing gun mixes and the reduced cement gun mixes. Standard Cement Gun Mixes are designated with the G postscript and the Reduced Cement Gun Mixes are designated with the RG post script. As  with most of our products these are available with an aluminum penetration resistance package for use in contact with molten aluminum metal. These compositions are designated with the AL prefix. They are also available with the thermal shock resistance package designated with TSR.

Standard Cement Gunning Mix Variations (G):

 WAM® 50 G    WAM® 60 G    WAM® 70 G    WAM® 80 G    WAM® 95 G

Reduced Cement Gunning Mix Variations (RG):

 WAM® 50 RG    WAM® 60 RG    WAM® 70 RG    WAM® 80 RG