Enhanced Matrix Technology (EMT)

Enhanced Monolithic Technology (EMT) castable systems produced by Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC., are based on a proprietary technology which has allowed the creation of a group of products that behave like standard cement castables but have many of the benefits of a low cement castable product. These are robust mixes just like the WAM SC product line, but offer improved physical properties at operating temperature.


These products are ideal for applications where a standard cement product is not cutting it as far as service performance but a low cement product would be overkill.  A typical application area would be in crematoria, wood chip burners, and ash hoppers to name but a few.


These are available with all the add on packages available with the LC’s and ULC’s including an aluminum penetration resistance package for use in contact with molten aluminum metal. These products are also available with a very coarse aggregate. Westmoreland Advanced Materials, LLC., offers a Fine version for use in making highly detailed cast shapes. These are available with thermal shock resistance packages and alkali resistance packages as well.

Available Variations for Specific Product Applications:

 WAM® 50 EMT    WAM® 60 EMT    WAM® 70 EMT    WAM® 80 EMT    WAM® 95 EMT