Construction Grade Castables (CG)

Construction grade castables are designed to offer an efficient economical refractory that have been developed with the latest surfactant and bonding matrix technology. These castables are designed to flow exceedingly well at very low moisture contents making them ideal to pump and shotcrete in addition to vibration cast. These products are designed to meet the needs of a refractory product from scheduled maintenance to scheduled maintenance and are represented by a broad range of products in a variety of service environments with service temperatures up to 3200oF.


These are available with all the add on packages available with the LC’s and ULC’s including an aluminum penetration resistance package for use in contact with molten aluminum metal. These products are also available with a very coarse aggregate. We offer a Fine version for use in making highly detailed cast shapes. There are available with thermal shock resistance packages as well as alkali resistance packages. A non bauxite containing version is available with the 50, 60, and 70 percent alumina products. These have reactivity advantages in certain applications.

Available Variations for Specific Product Applications:

 WAM® 50 CG    WAM® 60 CG    WAM® 70 CG    WAM® 80 CG