BLG Technology Systems

This is a special group of products specifically designed for very high alkali and alkaline earth process applications either at high temperatures or at ambient temperatures.

This technology was developed in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The goal was to create a technology which would perform well in gasification processes. These technologies typically involve the gasification of waste streams which contain high levels of alkali and alkaline earth compounds. As a result the by-products of the gasification process tend to be very reactive with refractory compounds. This product family was specifically designed to resist reaction with alkali and alkaline earth salts in any physical state (solid, liquid, gas).


Typical application areas are gasification units designed to treat black liquor, coal tailings or similar waste streams. The product is only available as precast, prefired shapes. These are tailor engineered to fit the vessel of interest. This product has been used to create shapes as simple as 30 inch straights to complicated self supporting dome structures.

BLG Technology Variations for Specific Product Applications:

 WAM® BLG    WAM® BLG M (mortar)